Pseudo : Rowen
D.o.B :20th december
Astro Sign Sagittarius, asc Sag. Horse
Ethnicity French(brittany) x German
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue
Height 167 cm
Location France
WorkEnvironmental communication
Status Single
Pets A cat named Artemis (after the Roman Goddess of Forest and Nature, not some stupid cat from Sailor Moon), a.k.a Crokette. Since 06/2005, 3 Kitten : Sunny(m), Snowy (f) and Misty (f). A dog, Pachinko
Skills: foretelling dreams, tarot reading.
Like: my friends, environmental matters, having a nice conversation about life and anything else
Dislike: hypocrism, mean people, mushrooms and sea-food.

Favorite ...

Hobbies : Cosplay, Jpop, RPG Forum, Hangin' out with friends, Reading, Dancing, Astrology.
Music : Akeboshi, Puffy, Plastic Tree, The Cure, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Aikawa Nanase, The Corrs, SweetS, Fletwood Mac, Rythem, ElleGarden, Husking Bee...
Manga: Akuma de Soro, GALS!, Peach Girl, Naruto, Inuyasha, Nana, Othello, Monster, all Adachi Mitsuru's works...
Anime: Naruto, Inuyasha, Ultra Maniac, CCSakura, Macross, Kimagure Orange Road,.
Movies: Messengers (jap), Game (jap), Bring it on (U.S), Love Actually (Eng), Kill Bill (U.S)...
Series: C.S.I, Law & Order, Buffy tvs
Food: Egg-plant, Eggs, Chicken, Oyakodon, Sushi, Custard, Apple Crumble, Fennochio's ice creams...


You can email me at rowen[no_spam_please]


Anime/Manga Series
GALS! Way of Life Naruto fan Beck MGS fan Bleach Fan!!! Death Note

Blue Eyed Hero~Yondaime Fan!! Tsunade

Music (groups or singers)

Bring It On Fan!