Welcome to Unskilled, another website, dealing with my (non) ability to create things from my own.
You will find here cosplay photo or personal photo report & original costumes.
Furthermore, I will add on this fresh opened site some illustrations I've done.
You'll find them in the Illustration section.For the moment I only have scanned and added all recent works and some old-ones I found in my port-folios.


10.01.2006 : Happy New Year Everybody!!!
So this is my new lay-out! I hope you like it.. because nothing has changed in the site itself ;p I just don't have the time to update it ^^ Stay tuned.

04.10.2005 I had wished to renew the whole lay-out with Elizabeth's pics but it's no use, I won't have the time and the inspiration. Lots of updates, beginning with Creamy, worn at Japanim'Spirit 6, which took place in Lorient these past 30&31st of August, then with photos of the 2 KOF costumes from Festival Delcourt (Paris, sept 2005).
Recently (since the day I have my camera) I've opened a Web Gallery to put my own photos here

12.09.2005 Little updates with Weda's piccies taken @Cartoon Beach, last july. I'm waiting for the photos taken in Lorient to upload Ro's High Priestess and Creamy Mami. I've got lot to do these days with Harajuku (Festival Delcourt) coming next week-end. Have a look on my CosBlog to see the progress of my cosplay (KoF's Mature & Elizabeth, and Akari from DiGi charat)
I've also have to update a second time the links section with some cosplayers. First the rest of the cosplayers I met in Nagoya, then some french cosplayer who I dare say are my friends :)
Anne, Anthy/German Team Anthy/German Team
Ludo::Moonflow Marsouille::FireSong

14.08.2005 I came back from the World Cosplay Summit'05 with great memories, many friends (thank you all)... I will add a report about it when I find the time to, but some photos of the farewell party (08/08/2005) are already uploaded here.
I've also updated the links section with some cosplayers I met overthere, please have a look on their website!
Lynleigh/US Team Anne/German Team

29.07.2005 I would like have released this newest version of Unskilled on the 1st of August just to be symbolic, but I can't wait!! So, I was long but I did it! when I began the site one year ago, I didn't imagine I would have been so proactiv with cosplay. All the site was to rebuild! I also change the layout, since the previous one doesn't really satisfied me.
I use this time to build and update a lot more pages than before, so the miscellanous section, as well as the Video Game section are now full of cosplay! Some pages are still missing, like my first cosplay, but the quality of the photos are really bad. Well, I'll let you discover this new version, with all the little things I've already added. Enjoy your stay!

New Banners

24.07.2005 Soon, Unskilled will celebrate its first anniversary, thus, I'm planning a little something for you ^^ . But since then, EGL Alice and new photos Cutey Honey are now updated!!
03.07.2005 Mew Berry is now online with brand new photos of Tsunade, thanks to Naruto private photoshoot. I also have updated my planned andin progress costumes.
In less than one month, Unskilled will celebrate its first anniversary, so I'm yet thinking about something special to update this site. If you have any ideas please tell me ^^.
28.06.2005 After a long time without updating (sorry), I come back with DJ Erika, Rangiku and Noelle.
Lots of photos have been made :check it out!! Shortly I will add the photos of Alice and Mew Berry.