I discover [Cosplay] when I came for the first time to a Con. It was at BD expo 1996. I remember well 3 or 4 cosplayers, and I decided to dress myself like my favorite characters as soon as I can! I've begun cosplay at Epita (may 1997) with Urd [Aa Megami Sama]. I love the character, she's funny and try to help other but makes thing worse. Then all my way through cosplay is show on this site. Please have a look and don't be shy, if you wanna leave some comments.

I'll add a brand new section "Punks!".As you may have seen, I love to have fun and sometimes playing a role that is not "in-character". I've gathered some funny photos that I can't put in others sections. Please Enjoy!

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Punks! [ soon ]

Creamy Mami Lina (MAX) Winter FaŽrie